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Dr. Nathan Uebelhoer is a dermatologist, who has practiced Mohs Surgery and laser procedures for over 20 years. As an expert in his field, he has since lectured across the United States and throughout the world, authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on dermatology, and won awards for his teaching and military service. After completing medical school at the University of New England, he went to the Naval Medical Center in San Diego for internship and dermatology residency. Following Board Certification by the American Board of Dermatology, he obtained sub-specialty training in skin-cancer surgery and facial cutaneous reconstruction through a one-year fellowship in Cosmetic and Laser Surgery at SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, he has served as the division head of Mohs and Laser Surgery with the Navy in San Diego until retiring as a Commander in 2013.

Dr. Uebelhoer was also trained as a Naval Flight surgeon and private pilot and proudly served in this capacity deployed with the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition to Procedural Dermatology, he has been heavily involved in rural and tropical medicine, and he continues to lecture throughout the world on his pioneering work with scar rehabilitation in wounded warriors. Dr. Uebelhoer is highly regarded for his work in Mohs surgery and expertise in laser resurfacing. When not in the operating room, Nathan is with his family and occasionally takes the time to play golf and the piano.



Due to his limited availability, if you are interested in consulting with Dr. Nathan Uebelhoer, you can submit a virtual visit through SkyMD. Through SkyMD, you will be able to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan within 24 hours without having to schedule an appointment! SkyMD is covered by most major commercial insurance plans, including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Dr. Uebelhoer is able to consult with patients in California, Arizona, Maine, Wyoming, and New Jersey. Visits to start a vist with Dr. Uebelhoer today!




  • Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science, Biology. Gordon College, 1988-1992

  • Medical School: Doctor of Osteopathy. University of New England College of
    Osteopathic Medicine, 1992-1997

  • Medical School Fellowship: Anatomy/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Teaching Fellowship, 1996-1997

Postdoctoral Training

  • Internship: General Rotating Transitional Internship, Naval Medical Center San Diego, 1998

  • U.S. Naval Flight Surgeon Training: NAS Pensacola, 1998-1999

  • Residency: Dermatology, Naval Medical Center San Diego, 6/30/01-6/29/04

  • Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Fellowship: SkinCare Physicians of Chestnut Hill,
    Chestnut Hill, MA, 7/1/04- 6/30/05

Recent Work History

  • Volunteer Staff Dermatologic and Laser Surgeon: Naval Medical Center San Diego 9/1/13-Current

  • Staff Dermatologic Surgeon – The Aroostook Medical Center 9/1/13 – Current

  • Staff Dermatologic and Laser Surgeon – Naval Medical Center San Diego
    7/1/05 – 4/20/08 and 12/7/08 – 8/29/13

License and Specialty Certifications 

  • Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, Board Certification: 8/16/04

    Current Unrestricted State Licenses: 

    Maine #1614, exp. 5/20/2014 

    California #20A9328, exp 5/20/2015


  • Guest Editor for Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, “Treatment of Scars” In press. March 2015

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  • Letada PR, Uebelhoer NS, Masters R, Satter EK, Shumaker PR. Alopecia of the scalp after ineffective treatment of Bowen’s disease using red light 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy: two case reports. Derm Surg. 36(11):1786-9; 2010. 


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Selected Lectures (2013)

  • Fractional Laser Complications – Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Laser Treatment of Traumatic Scars – Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Laser treatment of vascular lesions – Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Laser Treatment of Pigmented Lesions – Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Full Face Laser Resurfacing – Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Laser and surgical treatment of traumatic scars and burns – Laser and Aesthetic Skin Therapy: What’s the Truth?, Boston, MA

  • 10 minute video session: Treatment of Restrictive Traumatic Scars – America Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Chicago, IL.

  • Treatment of Burn and Traumatic Scars – Controversies in Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Dana Point, CA

  • PDT in Acne – Controversies in Laser and Cosmetic Surgery, Dana Point, CA

  • Treatment of Traumatic and Burn Scars with Fractional Laser – Aesthetic Summit, Dana Point, CA

  • Dermatology for the deployed Independent Duty Corpsman – IDC School, NMCSD, San Diego, CA

  • Advances in the rehabilitation of contracted and restrictive scarring – UCSD/San Diego society of physical therapy, San Diego, CA

  • Cutting Edge: Treatment of Traumatic Scars – American Society of Lasers and Surgery, Boston, MA

  • Maintenance of Certification: Cosmetic Surgery – American Academy of Dermatology, Miami, FL

Professional Societies 

  • American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (Currently serving on the Outcomes Committee for the Society; Reviewer for their journal)

  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Fellow; currently serving as reviewer of their journal)

  • American Academy of Dermatology (Fellow)



  • Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal – 1st Marine Air Wing, 2001 (Marine Corps’ flight surgeon of the year)

  • Navy Achievement Medal – U.S. Naval Southern Command, Continuing Promise 2008

  • Hollander Teaching Award – Naval Medical Center San Diego, Dermatology Department (Dermatology Staff teacher of the year, 2008)

  • Ellet H. Drake Memorial Award – American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (Contribution to advancement in laser medicine and surgery) 2014

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